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fuck you is the new thank you

Welcome! You have reached the visual diary of two friends. These are their thoughts on everything. Enjoy your stay.

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fuck you very much

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What is this thing?

fuckyouverymuch.dk is founded by two Danes in the last half of our twenties – both restless and both in love with telling stories, using words and creating ideas. Besides blogging at fuckyouverymuch.dk they work as creatives in the field of  strategic communication and journalism.

Sine-Cecilie works with communication and advertising. She writes on her secret novel, practices swing dance, hates to cook but loves to eat. She is interested in American culture and feminist pornography. Pink lipstick is often seen on her lips and if she could she would move to United States in an instant.

Kristoffer works with journalism and digital publishing. He likes magazines, the internet and to travel (especially during the Danish winter). He rides his bike everywhere and cares a lot for music. Whenever it’s possible he leaves the city only to miss it after a few hours.


(photo by rasmus weng karlsen)

How do I get in touch?

If you feel that you have a great story, an amazing exhibition or an awesome product for us to see - then send it!

If you’re interested in sponsoring fuckyouverymuch.dk or collaborating, please e-mail us at hello@fuckyouverymuch.dk.

Selected press


Die Zeit
Süddeutsche Zeitung
All Hollow


The images on fuckyouverymuch are found all over the amazing internet. We use them because they invoke certain feelings in us and in our readers. Click on the pictures and it should lead you to the source - but if we happen to violate any copyrights you might have, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will remove the picture. Additionally; if you know the author of an unknown post please drop us an email (hello@fuckyouverymuch.dk). Fuckyouverymuch is not a commercial blog and we don't get paid for our work. Our drive is to show and share great photography to our readers. Please note that some of the images on fuckyouverymuch contain nudity. Play it safe and be cool. Fuck you very much. Sine Cecilie Laub x Kristoffer Dahy Ernst

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